Be A Bee is a bilingual preschool concept adopting the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC) co-branded franchise. Be A Bee has secured an exclusive licensing arrangement with IPC and therefore will be privy to IPC trademarks, trade secrets and intellectual property rights. The IPC is also the largest international preschool membership and franchise organization in the world. Be A Bee own a Motherhood Development Center as well – A center for mothers to obtain knowledge and tips from experts in the early childhood education field.


        Be A Bee is a Kuwaiti preschool with an international perspectives.



Mission Statement

      Raising early childhood education standards in Kuwait through world class quality consultancy practices and training courses offered to teachers, managers and parents. Providing exceptional tender loving care and qualified bilingual education to toddler, pre-nursery and kindergarten children.


Aims and Objectives

  1. Best child care with the un-conditional love.
  2. Comprehensive teacher training and professional development structure.
  3. Specialist branding and marketing assistance.
  4. Safe environment with upscale and friendly kids’ furniture.
  5. Qualified teachers with five years minimum experience.
  6. Focus on enriching personalities, mind, skills and senses.
  7. mixture of outcome, objective, play and inquiry based learning approaches.



      We offer three groups of nursery programs, first group is Montessori method for toddlers (18months- 3years old). The second one is pre-nursery (3-4 years old). The last one is kindergarten (4-5 years old). Each of the above programs has been tailored to matched its logical group age needs.